Teledirecto technology is provided by engineers specialized in telecommunications, hi-tech equipment, 24-hour technical assistance and statistics specialists.
In Argentina, Teledirecto is authorized by the National Department of Telecommunications.



Teledirecto is a novel telemarketing tool for companies, institutions, political parties and more, which without being a call center it complements or replaces the latter.

Teledirecto makes 8000 calls per hour to telephone users of target groups who are specifically selected by data bases or geographical areas, anywhere in the country or in the world. Recently, Teledirecto has acquired the technology to make 100,000 calls with interaction per hour.

- It is the most effective tool by means of which you can perform the following tasks:

- To call up from 8,000 to 100,000 people per hour total anywhere in Argentina or the world.

- To advertise a brand, a product, a company or a promotion.

- To issue political or institutional messages.

- To carry out automatic surveys.

- To test issues of national or regional public opinion.

- To carry out statistic results.

- To carry out fidelity programs.

- To select specific geographical areas.

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